21 juin 2008

Final Fantasy 7 (in game-review)


American name: Final Fantasy VII

Japanese name: ファイナルファンタジーVII (Fainaru Fantajī Sebun)
Type: RPG
Serie: Final Fantasy
Platform: Playstation
North American release date: September 7th, 1997
Compagnies: Square-Enix

Final Fantasy VII revolved the gaming universe for it was in 3D. Wow, today it doesn't sound that awesome but back in 1997, it was.

Final Fantasy VII is a RPG, a real one. It regroups well-known characthers such as the infamous Cloud Strife and the terrible Sephiroth who will later became the Final Fantasy's trademark like Mario is for Nintendo.
CHARACTHERS: The characthers simply rock, all of them, even Caith Sith rocks. They do because they don't wear off the usual ''pure-hearthed hero'' or the ''evil but confused and that's why he hits stuff vilain''. Cloud is one fucked up puppy and Sephiroth is more then gone beyong return. Those statements could be made for all the characthers, important or not. Reno's a kinky bastard who's taken side is unclear and Hojo wins the palm for the maddest scientist in the whole game industry. The characthers also bear unique design such as Red XIII's and Jenova.
WOLRDS (CITIES): Gaia, VII's world, is divided in about 11 main cities and various alone spots. You will have buisness in every city except for Wutai if you stick to the storyline. Some cities are fun and nice like Midgard, Golden Saucer and Wutai while others make you wonder why they were even created like Kalm.
STORY: Big part of why FF7 became a legend is for its intriguing story. The theme is life. Life has fascinated humans since they exist and gamers are not excluded from that fact. Touching the human guinea-pig subject and to our effect on the planet, it's centered about life and how it affects other lives even in death. That is on the second degree. On the first one, you'll enjoy the story because it's fun and variable in its challenges. You will also get attached to the characthers some by love... other by hatred.
WEAPONS: All of the possible weapons is reunited in this game. Guns, swords, animals, fist fight, magic, sound, it has it all. Like any RPG, the more you progress in the story, the stronger your weapon is.
PLAYABILITY: It's the weak point as it was the weak point of all ps1 games. You have to be at exact spot to access the action. Prived of a joystick, the square button is used to make Cloud run. A fun feature but walkingg should have been the button since you will mostly run in the game. The battles can hardly be quoted for it only requires the press of a button. The battles are fun tough. One last thing is that the ''x'' and ''o'' button has been switched which can cause some frustration at first.
MUSIC: I love the music so much I got myself the 4 OST cd pack. Simple as that.
VOICE ACTING (TEXT): Since that at the ps1 era, voice acting wasn't possible yet, it will be judged by its texts. What makes FF7 so lively, reachable is the normal reaction of the charathers. For example, when Cloud is asked to keep fighting by Jesse at the Sector 7 event, he replies he doesn't feel like it since his characther is cold and rude. In other games, he would have suddenly see the ligth and yeah... you know the rest. Also, when the party is suprised by something, they all go ''what the fuck man?!'' instead of ''Oh, I knew it was there''. Another winning thing is that, at this time, we could ''swear'' in games. Of course no colorful words were typed, instead *?*(&#)**(& was put but we all get it but soft words such ''damn'', ''asshole'', etc. were not censured. It gave the Avalanche group the extra authencity it needed.
GRAPHICS: It's sure that compared to today's graphic, FF7's graphics suck... Maybe it's cause I'm a girl, I still think it's cute tough. Anyway, for the year 1997, it was a great revolution. WOW. We had entered 3D for these games. It changed to gaming world forever.
LIFE: Final Fantasy 7 is three disc long adventure. Three. The only game who could beat that is Final Fantasy 8 with its 4 disks. I have only done cds yet for I am trying to get a golden chocobo before kicking Sephiroth's ass one last time maybe (I,m not sure so I'm not pushing my luck) but so far, each had at least 20 hours of game. The first cd is the one with the most hours. Even if you go crazy on this game, if you do it well, you're not out of your room before at least a week... even for a midly experimented gamer (Crazy psycho experts are excluded for they have a way to beat speed records).
DIFFICULTY: The game is not that hard since it's one button battle and luck but it's long. Not a long tiring way but long in the meaning you have lot of stuff to do before saying ''I beat the game!!''.
FINAL BOSS: To be completed
MAPS: World map was a nice...failed attempt that suprisignly really helps after all. The map is designed so you can't locate the precise spot of a city, it's more it's surroundings. Built like a radar, the map will pinpoint cities, flashpoint transport (Highwind, submarine, bogey, chocobo) and a fadding yellow square indicates wich way you're going. Two views are proposed: small one in the corner of the screen or large one who take 95% percent on the screen. You can still navigate for it's translucide.


VARIATION: The game is not just about running around, read text and press buttons. It will ask you to accomplish various tasks such as pressing a button at the same time or keeping your body temperature at right level. Many other tasks are asked by that, it's up to you to find it!
SPINOFF: A compilation is slowing being created around the game, proving how it has obsessed the fans to the point of making of 7, a one of a kind serie in the Final Fantasy serie. The spinoffs explore different characthers ans times such as Vincent Valentine (Dirge of Cerberus + Lost Episode - sequel to Advent Children), Zack Fair (Crisis Core - prequel to original and part prequel to Last Order), the Turks (Before Crisis -prequel to everything), Sephiroth and SOLDIERs Zack and Cloud (Last Order - prequel to original) and Cloud Strife (Advent Children - sequel to original). At the end, the games will make a perfect timeline but for when...?

GRAPHICS (1997): 10
LIFE: 10

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