17 janvier 2009

Super Mario Galaxy


American name: Super Mario Galaxy
Japanese name: スーパーマリオギャラクシー (Sūpā Mario Gyarakushī)
Type: Platform
Serie: Mario
Platform: Wii
North American release date: November 12 (14 for Canada), 2007
Compagnies: Nintendo

Mario is THE nintendo's mascot. Bigger then Fox, Kirby and even Link, Mario's name has been pasted on a lot of shit. Let's be honest, since the hit Super Mario 64, no mario games really made it. Mario was more and more associated with Crap.

Then it came. The game that put back hope in the Mario fans's heart. Super Mario Galaxy. I think you already know what my opinion but why?
CHARACTHERS: As always, you play as our favorite plumber, Mario. All the classic characthers are back too! Peach, Bowser, Luigi, Toad, Koopa, Goomba, Pirhana, Bob-Bombs, even Baby Bowser make an apparence! There's also a bunch of new characthers such as Rosalina, a watcher of the stars that strangely ressembles Peach and Lumas, little star buddies that will help you along your journey.
WORLDS: It's one of the aspects that I like about the game. It takes all your classics worlds (Grass land, Fire land, Water land,  etc) and turns them into galaxies full of planets. New worlds are also implanted in Galaxy like the Cooking Galaxy and Toy Galaxy.
STORY: The story is classical. Peach is kindapped by Bowser just as or when a big party is thrown at Toadstool. Where it changes is when Bowser takes Peach away into space (N/A: I know it's been made in Paper Mario but it wasn't LITTERALY in SPACE). When Mario wakes up, a little Luma bring him to the Observatory where Rosalina waits for him. She explains to our plumber that Bowser's been messing around galaxies to create his own at the center of the Universe with the power of the Great Stars. Saddly, the Observatory runs on star power and is currently dried out. So here you're off to collect stars!
WEAPONS: Mario has no weapons... he has powerups. Seven to exact. Through them, you will find the oh-so-awaited return of the Fire Flower and the (Rainbow)Star of incivibility. You can also make Mario fly in special levels with the Red Star but no wingy thing or racoon suit this time... In the novelty section, you will find the Fire Flower's alter ego, the Ice Flower. It allows you to freeze enemies and water...and even skate! Mario also three new suits that give him a little push when things get hard. The Bee suit gives Mario the ability to fly from a smal time, climb onto sticky walls and walk on clouds. It also makes Mario cute, kinda. The Boo suits transforms Mario into a red capped, mustached Boo! It allows him to float through air, become invisibe and pass through obstacles. Handy, eh? Finally, there's the Spring suit which turns Mario into a spring so you can jump higher. Honestly, I hate this one. Too hard to control. No Tanuki, Frog or Hammer Bros. suits in view though...
PLAYIBILITY: The playability is one of the major aspects that made this game so good. Mario responds to your command most of the time. If you thougth 64 was good, Galaxy's even better. The game environnement's itself is unique. Take your known sufaces (slippery, lava, sandy, etc), roll them into a ball and add screwed gravitationnal laws to the picture. THAT is the game's environnement. Depending of how far you are from a planet and how high you jump, you'll travel from planet to planet by jumping. Sometimes you will be upside down or sideways trying to play as good as you can. There's even places where the gravitation is set for you and will change just to screw with you. Other you will be floating into space, manoeuvring between spiky balls to go where you grabbed a blue star grappling. You also collect star pieces by waving the wiimote aroung through the levels. These are used to feed Lumas in order to unlock special stars. It gets so addicting collecting those little crystals, you'll die because you were too budy grabbing them. I could talk about it all day long but that would spoil the game.
MUSIC: I've always had been a sucker for the Mario music. Orchestra, catchy tunes, classics that survive time. Hey, I'm even listening to some as I'm writing this! Galaxy's music is no different then the great Mario games. Excellent. If you play, you may even catch yourself humming the song as you play like I do!
VOICE ACTING: Ah. But we need a but, don't we? Nintendo hasn't learned yet that gamers don't enjoy reading while they perfectly some guy could be paid for doing this. Back in the days, reading was th eonly options and we grew up with voiceless characthers but with today's technology and storylines, voicing is almost a must. Only classic games like that one can still be allowed as mute games and still make a hit. Yet, we all know Mario isn't the most talkative hero in history but we all know he has a voice. If you hadn't heard before today, at the end of Galaxy, Mario clearly says ''Thank you for playing my game!'' in all his italian gloryness. Anyway, if Mario doesn't talk, other characthers sure like to chitchat so why not spare the gamers a hour of reading they won't read anyway?
GRAPHICS: Awesome. Of course, compared to the PS3 or Xbox, the Wii's graphics are a bit prehistorical but still as I always say: Graphics don't do the game. If you play your games in function of graphics, I've gotta tell ya, man, you're missing a lot of good stuff. Imagine if your children never play the first Legend of Zelda or even Ocarina of Time because of the cheap graphics? What a shame. The graphics in Galaxy are fun, textured and colorful. Nintendo hasn't yet fell for into the so-dark-we-see-nothing-for-the-whole-game palet.
LIFE: Super Mario Galaxy is a long, long game. In fact, the last time I saw a game this long was when I played Tales of Symphonia. You can collect a smaller amount of stars to end the game for the lazy ones but you can collect up to 120 stars and that's where it gets harder. Once you worked your ass off to get all your stars and do the ending one last time, suprise! It's not over yet! You can now play the game as Luigi! Luigi jumps higher then Mario does but he slips when he runs which can be troublesome at times. I do not know what happends once you did the game with Luigi because I'm not done yet.
DIFFICULTY: The first part of the game before you can quick end the game isn't that hard. The part after that gets tougher tough. Galaxy is a hard game that will challenge every gamer of this Earth, even if you won't admit it. I'm an excellent gamer who misses the old school games' challenge. I didn't Game Over once but I still broke a few sweats here and there.
FINAL BOSS: Bowser!! If I remember correctly, you have to fight Baby Bowser first but I'm not sure...It's been too long since I played the game. Bowser is a fun boss to fight. You will face him three planets, each has its own way to damage the Koopa King. The first one is simply by hitting him while he spins. The other is by hitting when he spins AND hit him with a cahoutchouc tree while he's STILL spinning. On the last planet you have to make him jump on blue crystal dots that will break under his weigth and spray his spiky butt of lava. Haha! Good for you!
MAPS: Inexistant.

Multiplayer: It's possible but I never tried it. Basicly, the other is just collecting star pieces with another wiimote. I guess that instead of just watching a friend play, you play a little too.

LIFE: 10

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